David K Jewelry Gems Natural 1.0 Ct Round Sky Blue Topaz NSBTG


* 1 x round 1.0 carat (6.5 mm diam ) natural sky blue topaz
* Deluxe gemstone box

Gemstone Specifications:

* Name: Royal Sky Blue Topaz
* Color Range: Royal Sky Blue
* Origin: Natural
* Creation Method: Verneuil / Flame Fusion
* Hardness: 8.5 Moh Scale
* Chemical Composition: Al2[SiO4](F,OH)2
* Shape / Cut: Round Diamond, Very Good Cut
* Carat Weight: 1.0 Carat (diamond standard)
* Carat Weight Setting Size: 1.0 Carat (diamond standard)
* Dimension: 6.5 mm round diameter (approx)
* Clarity Grade: VS-SI, AAAAA, Show Grade
* Luster: Excellent, Deep, Mesmerizing
* Market Availability: Limited



Affordable, elegant and chic, this Natural 1.0 Ct Round Sky Blue Topaz NSBTG from Royal Highness gemstone collection has superior quality David K Jewelry Gems are known for.


* Style: Timeless, High Renaissance
* Gemstone Collection: Royal Highness
* Occasions: Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Special Gift
* Setting: 1.0 Carat Standard Fine Jewelry Mountings and Settings
* Master Cut and Master Hand Polish
* Conforming to Benchmark Standards
* Visual Appeal and Elegance


* Free USPS insured delivery within United States
* Free USPS Express insured int’l delivery world wide


* Gemstone carat weights for calibrated stones are in diamond standards:
* Gemstone measurements and totals calibrated and conform to highest quality standards for type quality composition, cut, color, and may differ slightly.
* Gemstone images are professional catalog renderings in 3d and conform to sRGB digital color standard matching real life gemological color range for gemstone type.
* Gemstone image visual perceptions may differ slightly from screen type and resolution.

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